Getting to the root of the problem

Choosing the right tools

Delivering the best solutions

Making sure the users are happy

There are many options to the right solution

We offer:


End to end development or assisting an existing dev team? We can help from initial conceptualisation to live product support and everything in between.


Designing applications through both solution and technical architecture. We work closely with all shareholders to achieve the best results.


Need constructive opinions on new ideas or ongoing projects? We are happy to consult on a range of design, technical and management areas.

For any of these:


Websites, web apps, social media sites and cloud services. The web is an ever growing place, with over half the world's population online there's no better platform to reach your audience.


Most users will view your online content on their phones or tablets; a market of so many devices at varying sizes and performance. We build responsive multiplatform apps with this in mind.


Bespoke solutions, enterprise software applications and even videogames. The software space is diverse and we are prepared to deliver more unique products where required.

A Bit
About Us

Our mission

We aim to provide honest and robust solutions to technical issues which are present in every aspect of daily life. Both private and public sectors from game studios to legal institutions face similar tech problems which need quick decisions. Amongst all the jargon we will explain the options to techies and non-techies alike. Often only a helping hand is all that is needed to reach the best solution.

Our story

Radish Tech Solutions was started by Matej Navara with the desire to provide a variety of technical services to organisations ranging from multinational corporations to ambitious individuals. Whether it's how to progress with a new idea, building a platform agnostic product or deciding the best deployment infrastructure; there are always new challenges to face. This makes the tech industry a fast moving but exciting beast which needs smaller agile teams with varied experience.

Our team

A network of developers, architects and analysts ready to provide the assisance needed. We work remotely allowing us to operate on a global scale at whatever local time required. Whether it's 10am in Chicago or Brisbane we can ensure someone is on hand and available to contact. However this doesn't mean we're not able to visit you for more personal consultations if desired.

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